Bifrost PR is trading as Bifrost PR. Bifrost PR is a sole trader company. Registered & Trading address: Pride Media Centre, Stonehills Unit T1, Gateshead NE10 0HW

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Who is Bifrost PR?

Bifrost PR is a boutique PR and marketing agency specialising in video games, boardgame, gaming events and gaming tech based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

With a combination of 10+ years in the gaming industry, we know how to get your product out into the wider audience and beyond. We have contact with some of the world's leading content creators and influencers and we'd like to introduce you to them!

Our focus is on all PC, console and VR releases as well as all kinds of gaming peripherals and hardware. Our team has long had a love of tabletop gaming from card games to "pen and paper" roleplay. We are excited to see what games we can help you with!


Our Philosophy

The Bifrost is the bridge from Norse mythology which connects the realm of the Gods, Asgard, to the realm of Men, Midgard. It is this connection, from one place to another, that is our concern. We are bridging the gap between you and the press, influencers and your customers.

Through our time on other projects, including working for charities, we believe that everyone should have the chance to get the services they need, no matter the money involved. To this end, we cultivate bespoke packages to work within your budget. We understand that funds can be limited and that sometimes all you need is a helping hand to work your way up.

It is also our aim to fully support the LGBTQI+ gaming community in everything we do. We have close ties with the LGBTQI+ community in North East England and it is one of our missions to provide support, our services and to also run gaming events for the community as we grow. 


How can we help?

Media Relations

Need help writing and drawing up a press release? Want to circulate it to content creators and influencers around the world? We can do this for you. We are in contact with some of the World's most well-known influencers and we want to let them know about you!

Social Media Management

Sometimes, handling multiple social media accounts can get frustrating and it is hard to keep them going while you have more important things to concentrate on. Our team are up to date with today's social media strategies and would like to take care of your accounts for you!

Community Management

But you don't just want your social media accounts handled for you, you want someone who will engage in with your community in any way they can. We can engage with your audience and give your company a friendly public face!

Crowdfunding Consultant

We've backed them. We've run them. We want to make sure your crowdfunding campaign goes off without a hitch and, more importantly, gets funded. We want to unlock your campaigns true potential and see you gain success! All crowdfunding platforms considered.


We are a truly international agency. We have Scandinavian translators in-house and freelancers from Spain, France and more! All our translators are of native standard and can really make your product accessible and open up a whole new demographic!

Event Management

There are all kinds of events which would work with your product! From PR events, launch parties, demo exhibitions, we can cater to anything you have in mind. Especially if it is in our beloved Newcastle!

Visit us on site!


We are lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to work out of the UK's first LGBTQI+ and allies business and media hub, The Pride Media Centre based in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Not only is it home to Pride World Radio but it is a fully operational media centre with:

  • TV studios

  • An integrated green screen

  • A 30-seater private cinema for private screenings or presentations

  • Meeting rooms

  • Gallery space for private exhibitions.

All of these are also available for you to hire! So drop us a line and we can arrange a visit.

Not only do we offer PR and social media solutions but we also offer TV/filming solutions!

Get in touch


Want to talk to us about working on a project together? Well, that's great! Please drop us an email on We'd love to discuss what you have planned!

If you are a member of the press or an influencer, please fill out the form below to be added onto our press list to receive news about the games we look after.